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We deliver craftsmanship. And we have been doing that for years. Since 1988. Our customers appreciate our approach, we have realized construction work at all kinds of locations, at the most difficult locations. The projects below that we have worked on with great passion. Request a quote directly, info@pieffers.com or call + 31 615872996

PROJECT: Vierzen
COUNTRY: Germany

September 2020

PROJECT: Honselersdijk
COUNTRY: the Netherlands

November 2019

Photography: Jennifer Mulder https://www.facebook.com/jennifermullerphotography

PROJECT: Kubo - Dinteloord
COUNTRY: the Netherlands

November 2019

PROJECT: Bias Richel Group

October 2019

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

August 2019

Project IJsselmuiden - NL

May 2019

Switzerland project

April 2019

Project Monster

March 2019

Project Austria

February - March 2019

Project England #1

April 2019

Project England #2

April 2019

Material Pieffers