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Sustainability as the highest priority 

Government regulations ensure that greenhouses use less and less energy and emit less CO2, new greenhouses must be climate neutral from 2020 onwards. We therefore work in close collaboration with the customer on innovative and sustainable solutions during construction.

Sustainable building

Building with sustainability as the goal. We focus on innovation and sustainability in both the design phase, the construction phase and the use phase. 

We use sustainable technologies to save on energy and material use.

Environmentally friendly fabrics and building materials 

During projects we work with environmentally friendly fabrics and, if possible, with reusable materials. With great care for the working environment, soil and groundwater.

Bio fuels and ceramic soot filters

The use of biofuels and special soot filters can help to reduce CO2 emissions and soot and fine particles. The current generation of biofuels achieves a reduction in CO2 emissions between 50% and 80%. All our machines and trucks therefore use Bio Diesel and are equipped with the latest Ceramic soot filters

Pieffers Greenhouse foundations. innovative & sustainable