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We take care of measurements, drilling, concrete works, concrete pouring. By skilled people. Service at a high level. We have many years of experience at many construction sites, from building in the Dutch polder, building in a river delta in Austria or building in the desert, we know which techniques to use at the specific location. Service worldwide.

Request a quote directly, info@pieffers.com or call +31 615872996



We examine the future location with great precision. High tech measurement techniques help with this. Together with the customer, we determine how the project can best be built at the designated location 


Various concrete works require special pouring techniques. We have special machines with many possibilities to pour the concrete in the right way. Can be used on all types of terrain. 


We also offer logistical support of materials, equipment, people. Everything at the right time at the right place


We use the latest machines and drilling techniques. The bottom of the construction site is decisive here. Which materials can we use here. We have various drills available for use at all possible locations.


Working on location requires the necessary knowledge of the environment. We have the experience and the contacts. We take care of the required documents, permits and certificates for the location.


During construction we supervise all routes. We take care of the supply of construction materials, machines and professionals. Supervising work by subcontractors, control of materials. We follow the project closely and keep the customer informed of the latest developments. And everything according to the budget and time schedule.


Concrete works come in all shapes and sizes. Concrete formwork with various reinforcements. Each project requires a different approach. We advise you which concrete works are needed to lay the right solid foundation for the further construction of your project.


We provide the right staff for your project with specific knowledge. With the necessary experience and the right papers.