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We take care of measurements, drilling, concrete works, concrete pouring. By skilled people. Service at a high level. We have many years of experience at many construction sites, from building in the Dutch polder, building in a river delta in Austria or building in the desert, we know which techniques to use at the specific location. Service worldwide.

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We examine the future location with great precision. High tech measurement techniques help with this. Together with the customer, we determine how the project can best be built at the designated location 


Various concrete works require special pouring techniques. We have special machines with many possibilities to pour the concrete in the right way. Can be used on all types of terrain. 


We provide the best logistical support of materials, equipment and people. Everything at the right time in the right place.


Concrete works come in all shapes and sizes. Concrete formwork with various reinforcements. Each project requires a different approach. We advise you which concrete works are needed to lay the right solid foundation for the further construction of your project.


We supply the right personnel for your project with specific knowledge. With the necessary experience and the right papers.


We use the latest machines and drilling techniques. The decisive factor here is the soil on the construction site. What materials can we use for this? We have various drills for use in all possible locations.


We only work with professionals and the best materials. We use our expertise and passion to achieve the best results with service provision at the highest level.

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Together with the client we discuss the wishes and discuss the possibilities, we make an inventory of the building method that is most suitable for your project. 


Based on the discussions with the customer, we determine the quotation, with all information about the construction method, materials and planning. 


We take care of the complete logistics planning, correct planning ensures that everything is delivered on time.


We transport materials, machines and professionals with the right permits to the right location, from Hoek van Holland to any construction site in the world.


We deliver the project on the correct delivery date, after a pre-inspection in which the client and builder inspect the construction site


After delivery, we have regular contact with the client to adjust or improve matters. Service, service at a high level.


We have been supplying craftsmanship for decades, since 1988. Our customers appreciate our working method, we have completed construction works in all kinds of locations, in the most difficult locations. Below are the projects we have worked on with great passion.

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Floriade 2022

The Netherlands

February 2022

The Kwakel

The Netherlands

October 2020

Dundonald Nurseries, Belfast

United Kingdom

October 2020



September 2020



September 2020


The Netherlands

November 2019

Photography: Jennifer Muller

Kubo – Dinteloord

The Netherlands

November 2019

Bias Richel Group


October 2019

Switzerland project

April 2019


Sustainability as the highest priority 

Government regulations ensure that greenhouses use less and less energy and emit less CO2, new greenhouses must be climate neutral from 2020 onwards. We therefore work in close collaboration with the customer on innovative and sustainable solutions during construction.

Sustainable building

Building with sustainability in mind. We focus on innovation and sustainability in the design phase, the construction phase and the use phase. We use sustainable techniques to save on energy and material use.

Environmentally friendly fabrics and building materials 

During projects we work with environmentally friendly fabrics and, if possible, with reusable materials. With great care for the working environment, soil and groundwater.

Bio fuels and ceramic soot filters

The use of biofuels and special soot filters can help to reduce CO2 emissions and soot and fine particles. The current generation of biofuels achieves a reduction in CO2 emissions between 50% and 80%. All our machines and trucks therefore use Bio Diesel and are equipped with the latest Ceramic soot filters