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Our expert team is ready to deliver craftsmanship for your upcoming project. We use high-quality materials and always embrace the latest technologies. Thanks to our well-thought-out logistics, we can carry out projects worldwide accurately, sustainably and efficiently. Interested? Read on quick!

Innovative & reliable

In 1988 Pieffers Kasfondsatie was founded by Ton Pieffers. With the involvement of his son Ivor, it has grown into a real family business. Together they have put together a team of professionals who have extensive expertise in greenhouse foundations. The entire team now has the necessary knowledge of various techniques and materials and has extensive experience with widely varying soil conditions. Due to the entry and later takeover by Ivor, the company shows an innovative spirit, which contributes to the innovation and modernization of processes and strategies.

What you can expect from us:

  • Extensive knowledge of concrete structures
  • Thorough location research, where we explore the possibilities on site through local measurements
  • Availability of the right expertise, materials, machines and personnel
  • Correct certifications and always in accordance with applicable safety and environmental standards

Pieffers Kasfoundations = building on a solid foundation

Don't forget sustainability?

Together we build environmentally conscious, energy-saving and future-proof

Future-proofing as the highest priority 

Government regulations ensure that greenhouses are becoming increasingly energy efficient and emit less CO2. From 2020, new greenhouses must even be climate neutral. Together we work to reduce the ecological footprint and ensure that your greenhouse is future-proof.

Sustainable building

Building with sustainability in mind. We focus on innovation and sustainability in the design phase, the construction phase and the use phase. We use sustainable techniques to save on energy and material use.

Environmentally friendly fabrics and building materials

During projects we use environmentally friendly materials and strive to use reusable materials where possible. We have a strong focus on preserving the working environment, soil and groundwater.

Bio fuels and ceramic soot filters

The use of biofuels and advanced particulate filters can help reduce CO2, soot and particulate emissions. Today's biofuels lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions of between 50% and 80%. All our machines and trucks therefore use biodiesel and are equipped with the latest ceramic particulate filters.

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A selection of our projects

Floriade Expo Almere | 2022

Pedersen Denmark | 2020

Bias Richel Group | 2019


Local measurements

We examine the future location with great precision. High tech measurement techniques help with this. Together with the customer, we determine how the project can best be built at the designated location

Pouring concrete

There are various shapes and sizes of concrete works, including concrete formwork with different reinforcements. Every project requires a unique approach. We offer advice on the necessary concrete works to lay a solid foundation for the further construction of your project.

We can pour concrete at all locations and surfaces using our various pouring techniques and special machines

Drilling techniques

The soil of the construction site has a major influence on which materials we need. We have various drills for use in all possible locations

All over the world we realize cash foundations. Our services extend all over the world, so if you want to build your new project in Spain or New Zealand, that is possible! We send equipment and personnel to various countries worldwide, always provided with the correct guidance and certificates.

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